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Dragon Training

To get started, you will need dragon scales.

Dragon scales are used for: buying a dragon egg, a dragon nest, dragon food, etc.

Read The Official Dragon Guide:

Completing Surveys

There are 3 types of Surveys on Treasure Trooper:

1. Daily Surveys
2. Survey Seekers
3. Surveys on the Offers Page

Daily Surveys
Daily surveys are 8 surveys that you can do every day. Each come along with 1 dragon scale, and each time you do the same survey DS1, DS2, DS3, etc. consecutively you will create a "chain" that will give you extra scales each time you do them.

Survey Seekers
After completing your profile, you will find a number of SS to do. These are ranged from .25 cents to 1.00
Be sure to stop by the chatroom to let others "pat" you on the back so they can receive dragon scales.

Surveys on Offers Page
MySurvey and LiveSample are shown so they can be completed as offers. You can get chances of getting pearls from this.

Survey Tips:

  • Be sure to read through the questions; do not rush through them. You will be disqualified if you give inconsistent answers. Only answer with honest questions.

  • Usually these surveys are looking for opinions about products from people in the U.S.A.

  • You have to reach the final page of a survey in order to get credit for doing the survey.

Chatroom Tips

Read the Official Chatroom Tips:

Here are some chatroom tips -

Typing out someone's name
You can type out somebody's name by typing their first or few letters of their name, then pressing the "tab" key or the "page down" key. Press down multiple times if necessary.

Hourly Contest
The hourly contest starts on the :00 and can be played by typing "play" on :55 of each hour.
The prizes are as follows...

1-3 players = 3 dragon scales [5 offers needed] Winner must complete 2 offers or more.
4-6 players = 50 arrowheads [10 offers needed]  Winner must complete 3 offers or more.
7-9 players = $1 cash dollars [15 offers needed]  Winner must complete 3 offers or more.
10+ players = $5 cash dollars [30 offers needed]  Winner must complete 3 offers or more.

Getting Scales
There are 2 ways of getting scales:
- You must stay active for an hour by chatting every 5 minutes at least and staying in the chatroom.
- Whenever someone completes a Survey Seeker, be one of the two people who types out exactly what is inside the "Share the wealth Trooper!" - must be spelled correctly with the exclamation mark in the end!

You will get 2 dragon scales for staying active in the chatroom for an hour and you will get 1 dragon scale up to 3 times when you "pat" someone in the back for typing the words out correctly. = 5 Free Scales!!!

Getting Arrowheads
- Being shot directly by someone.
- Having an arrow land on you.
To get your arrows, you have to type "pull arrow" into the chatroom that has landed within 5 minutes.
Do not type "pull arrow" if you have not been shot within 5 minutes

Shooting Arrowheads
- Type "shoot air" to shoot a random chatter inside the chatroom.
- Type "shoot name" to shoot the person you want to shoot directly.
You will get one each every day, so use them wisely!

Word of the Day
If you're lucky, you'll be able to find the word of the day - which will give you 5 easy scales. You may only discover it through regular discussion. You cannot guess until 12 AM EST, where JangoBot will give you hints. Example: This word has 8 letters, and starts with T and ends with E. Treasure!


There are arrow storms that happen frequently, so it's good to stick around the chatroom and chat away. Sometimes, you can get up to 10 arrowheads during an arrowhead storm. Be sure to check the TT facebook and twitter pages to see when this is happening.

Sometimes, Treasure will ask opinions on the site - this is your chance to say what's on your mind or if you need any help. Also, Treasurer will sometimes do mini contests where the first person who completes an offer will get double the prize.

No cursing, talking about gems, treasure hunt, Mabutu's secret.
Do not give out personal info (name, address, phone number).
No links about your facebook, social networking sites, money making sites.
Do not spam gibberish, or excessively use Caps Lock, or purposely turn yourself into a toad.
For more & exact rules, type .rules into the chatroom.

How To Complete Offers

What You'll Need:
- New Emails (Yahoo!, Live, Gmail, etc.)
- CCleaner or Manually Clear Cookies
Go into the chatroom for a chance to win an extra pearl.

What To Do:

* Complete Offers
Step 1 - Choose a cash offer that you want to complete.
Step 2 - Fill in your info, such as your name, address, and phone number.
Step 3 - Use different emails for offers that ask for a UNIQUE email or for every company.
Step 4 - Follow the instructions such as, reach the final page.
Step 4 - Use the "page down" key for easy "submit" or "skip."
Step 5 - After you've reached the final page, close the page, and go back to TT and Click "Submit."
Step 6 - Clear your cookies, especially if you are about to do more offers from the same company.


Offer Tips:
* Give your valid phone number, along with your name and address.
* Read terms and services if you are not sure about giving your info.
* The companies offers are done from are: CE, WS, FP, QJ, QM, etc.

How Long To Wait:
Fastest - Arcamax, Email Submits, App installs (takes 3-5 minutes)
Neutral - CE, WS, FP, QJ, QM (takes 15-45 minutes)
Slowest - WML, SFF, Offers with Manual Approves

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